No network play after all

I have been experimenting with adding network play to Pixel Wheels, but it’s a Pandora box that I eventually decided not to open. The reason for this decision is that I want Pixel Wheels 1.0 to be out in 2023. Experience with previous Pandora boxes I opened while creating the game tells me 1.0 won’t be out in 2023 if I dive into network play.

Still, Pixel Wheels is the kind of game which is a lot more fun when you play it with friends, but the current multiplayer-on-the-same-device experience is not good. So what I am going to do is bring back split-screen multiplayer, and add support for up to 4 players at once. Let’s hope my worries about the player views being too small are unfounded 😅!

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Hey i will try version with 4 local multiplayer for sure !

Great! Just have to get to it now :)


Hi Aurélien ! Definitely makes sense :-) Happy to see you are still developping PW :) Take care !