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Top-down retro racing game for PC (Linux, Intel-based Mac, Windows) and Android.

Race for the first place on various tracks. Pick up bonuses to boost your position or slow down competitors!


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pixelwheels-linux-stable.zip 80 MB
Version 0.24.2
pixelwheels-macos-stable.zip 77 MB
Version 0.24.2
pixelwheels-windows-stable.zip 75 MB
Version 0.24.2
pixelwheels-itchio-0.24.2.apk 26 MB
Version 0.24.2

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loving this pixel retro look,and always was a racerfan.going to add it on my phone <3


Pixelwheels is a Micromachines 2 inspired game which I had lots of fun with. There are a dozen tracks, three championships, different cars with different characteristics, again much fun discovering it all and unlocking the one suits you best.

Multiplatform, it worked out of the box. One of the best "non realistic" racing games I have played this year.



Really cool game. I had some trouble differentiating the track, cars, and items because of the colors used. All 3 use similar saturation and value colors. I would appreciate track and grass colors that were more muted and lighter while making the items even more vivid and saturated, perhaps with some animations or lights. This would allow me to keep track of all the action as the camera position can disorienting at times. Excited to see what you add to this game. Modifying the silhouette of the cars to help tell forward from back would also be helpful to me. This is camera style makes these problems difficult to solve, but this is still a really fun game.

I also noticed a black pixel floating in the middle of the screen.

That is really odd. On what OS do you play the game?


Can you take a screenshot of this black pixel? Is it moving or is it always at the same position?

Sorry for not replying earlier, thanks for your comments! I try to stick to a fixed color palette for consistency but will look into tuning it a bit.

I agree for some vehicles it is sometimes hard to distinguish front and back. Which one were problematic for you?

None were a huge problem, just something I noticed for whatever car I had and for looking at the other cars on the track.


It's a nice game. I think it would look cool with normal maped sprites and dynamic lighting. Maby random course generator too.


An AppImage for Linux would be great!


Ah yes, I should look into making a Pixel Wheels AppImage. If you have experience on this topic, you’re welcome ;)


Got this game in the humanitarian bundle and made a quick play through. Love the graphics and controls. Can't wait for more tracks, cars and tournaments.


I found gameplay and graphics to be really "satisfaying", Thank you.


I really like this. I’m currently making my own retro-racing top down game, and so I am always looking at other similar games.

Yours is very fun. I played on Android, and it was really easy to play. The obstacles etc are great fun.

I did find the screen zooming a bit jarring, but other than that, you have a great game there that will only get better with the more options you add like extra tracks.

I really, really liked it.


Thanks! Will look into this zoom issue. Best of luck with your own game!


This is an awesome, awesome game, simple but very fun to play. As I only play libre games, I am so happy that this exists, thank you for your work :)

Thanks for the kind words!


This game is great! My One plus phone doesn't run it initially, but it was fine when I changed the controls from the pie wedge ones.

also turned down the amount of skidmarks.

I really hope you make more content for it at some point, maybe cars that slide too.


Great to hear you like it!

I plan more content indeed. I am working on a new track at the moment.

As for making cars slide, that’s something I want to include too, but it’s surprisingly challenging to bend the engine so that the car slides while remaining easy to drive…