Pixel Wheels 0.19.1 released!

In the previous devlog update I announced version 0.19.0 would be the last before 1.0.0, but Google Play started to reject the game because it linked to my support page, so I had to get a 0.19.1 version out.

Starting with this version, Google Play gets a special apk, which links to my home page instead of the support page. itch.io still gets the link to the support page.

This version also comes with the following changes:

  • The desktop version no longer requires installing a JRE (Java Runtime Environment) yourself: a reduced JRE is now bundled with the archives, making them standalone. This means there is now one archive per OS, instead of a single multi-OS one.

  • The bug which let you select a locked vehicle/track/championship was not completely gone, I am confident it now is.

  • The Android TV launcher icon is more readable.


pixelwheels-0.19.1-linux64.zip 72 MB
Apr 19, 2021
pixelwheels-0.19.1-mac.zip 70 MB
Apr 19, 2021
pixelwheels-0.19.1-windows64.zip 70 MB
Apr 19, 2021
pixelwheels-itchio-0.19.1.apk 25 MB
Apr 19, 2021

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