New track and Android TV support!

River track

I created a new track called River to complete the “Country life” championship. Working on this track I made some improvements to the country tileset: it now uses the EDG32 palette I know uses for new assets of the game. It means the grass is no longer a flashy green. My eyes are happier now.

Then I imported water tiles from the city tileset because one can expect a track called River to feature some water… I also drew some bridge tiles for vehicles to cross said river.

Finally, I updated the track howto while creating this track, and made some internal changes which makes the engine less picky about the way tracks are designed.

Android TV

One of the issues I wanted to address for 0.18.0 is Android TV support. The work was already done, but the branch was not merged in because I had only tested it in the emulator. Yesterday I finally took the time to test it on the living-room NVIDIA Shield, and… it works! You can play with the remote or using the gamepad. Sweet.

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